Kick-start your financial freedom!

This course will help you to see money in a different way.

It will put you in a position of power in telling your money what you want it do for you and it will equip you with the tools and knowledge to put in place an automated system that will support you and your goals!

Kickstart is where the emotional side of money perfectly intersects with the practical side of money.

Money is the tool, not the main event so when it comes to living the life you want, designing the best way to use your money is essential

Money has so many complex layers

To get better at it, it’s a matter of trying to break down the layers and create a divide between the money and the emotion and addressing them both.  On the emotional side it’s important to flesh out your goals, your values and the life you want to create with a reality check on your money story.   On the practical side it’s about knowing your numbers, a plan to achieve your goals and to set yourself up for success by automating a system to allocate your money to the right areas.

Money is just the tool that enables us to live life on our terms

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of a budget or find it hard to stick to one?
  • You are not really sure if you’re overspending or could be saving more?
  • You live like a Queen immediately after getting paid and then battle it through to the next pay day?
  • You are earning ‘ok’ but you feel like you are not making the progress you hoped for?
  • You don’t know if you’re getting ahead and money management feels frustrating?
  • You want to get ‘better’ at money?
  • You feel out of control with your money management?
  • You are on the wheel of self-sabotage when it comes to your money?

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be on your way to financial freedom!
  • Have an automated system in place that takes the stress out of your money!
  • Be in control of your money and telling IT what to do!
  • Have clarity around your goals and a system in place to achieve them
  • Know exactly what you have to spend each week without compromising your commitments such as mortgage or rent payments, loan repayments and your bills
  • Be on the same page as your partner with money!
  • Say goodbye to money-stress and living for the pay-check!
  • Be able to spend guilt free knowing after taking care of all the important things!
  • Be able to enjoy your money!

Here’s how it works:

6 modules

Over 100 pages of guides, workbooks and activities

Coaching videos to view at your own pace

At the end of the six weeks you’ll walk away with a bespoke blueprint to help you achieve financial freedom having really nurtured your financial well-being along the way.⠀⠀

You can move through at your own pace!  If you want to get it done in a weekend – go for it, if you need to take a few months – the time is yours!

Here’s what’s inside the Kick-start course:

Video lessons, over 100 pages of workbooks, checklists, templates and more!

Frequently asked Questions

Who is this best suited to?

Any age, any starting point, any financial position.

It is designed for any starting point!  Honestly, it doesn’t matter if your income is $40K or $400K.  This system will support you!

How much time do I have to invest?

The course is self-paced, so you can work through it at your own convenience.

I would suggest setting aside at least 2 hours per week.  Some of the coaching videos take 30 mins and there is work you will need to do outside of these.

How is the course delivered?

There are video recorded lessons, detailed work books, templates and worksheets.

You will get weekly email prompts for the first 6 weeks to keep you on track.

Do I need to do it with my partner?

It’s great to try and get your partner on board, particularly if you are sharing finances.  Module 3 – Relationships and Money gives you a really save way to start the money conversation.

How long will the content be available?

The course is designed to ideally complete in 6 weeks.  You can complete it sooner if you wish and you will have 6 months access to the material, so you can take as long as you need.  But the sooner you take action, the sooner you will be taking control of you financial future (and your goals!)

Do we get tips on how to manage our money better?

Yes absolutely – this is what it’s all about!

Even if you’re not sure on what your financial goals are, I give you the ones to start working on first

Do we have access to you?

I’ve recorded all you need to know in the videos, and if you get stuck on something you can book a call with me.

I am first and foremost a licensed financial adviser and provide personalised and specialist advice to a small number of individual clients each year, I love the variety clients present all the way from strategies to buy a first home, to helping families reduce their debt, protect their family and build their investments and wealth to helping client prepare for retirement, transition into retirement and support them through their retirement years.

I am all too aware that the barriers to entry for receiving this advice might be considered high when you are starting out or trying to get ahead.

My driving passion is to make financial know-how more accessible and affordable, hence my focus on sharing my knowledge and having the money conversations as much as possible across various platforms and the creation of the ‘kick start’ program to give people an affordable starting point to take control of their money and set their foundations.

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This course is open for enrolment!.

It’s time to kick-start your financial world.

We’ve developed two payment options to cater for your current budget: an upfront option and a 3x monthly option.

The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, however with both options you will have 6 months access to all of the course material to revisitat any time or complete at your own pace.  It’s all there, ready and waiting for YOU!