Money Mindset & Money and Relationships


This is such a popular part of our kick-start course that we’ve created it as a separate module you can tackle any-time.
You get 2 incredible workbooks (full of information, guidance and worksheets) that will revolutionise your relationship with money AND money in your relationship!
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This guide will be a game changer for your relationship with money.
It will take you on the journey of your money story, which is your deep-seeded belief system about money and all the experiences that have shaped it.
There are lots of exercises to work through and this requires lots of reflection time to sit and deep-dive, peeling back layers.  We each have a money story…each one of us is unique and different, there is no right or wrong.  Understanding yours, and your partners, will bring the awareness needed to set you up for success (on the money topic anyway!)
During this discovery, you will:
  • Deep-dive into your money story and all the experiences that have shaped it
  • Identify the things that you are proud of, the ones holding you back and those you want to re-write
  • You will have to tools to start discussing money in your relationship, in a safe way (and no matter how ‘new’ or ‘old’ your relationship is!)
  • Have the confidence to keep the money conversation alive and create a united money story
I have no doubt that this work will bring a profound understanding and connection to money matters for you personally, but also will be a gamechanger for the money conversation in your relationship!


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