Purpose and Goals


This is such a pivotal part of our kick-start course that we’ve created it as a separate module you can tackle any-time.
This is a 28-page e-book full of guidance, exercises and worksheets to help you define your purpose, values and goals.


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Do you want crystal clear clarity on what steps you need to start taking to achieve your dreams?
Well, you’ve come to the right place!  This action packed, 28-page, workbook will force you to peel back many layers and get to the heart of what really makes you ‘tick’.
At the end of this mini-course you will have:
  • A clear idea of your purpose, your why, your ‘big picture’.
  • You will have clarity on your values
  • You will have created a set of really meaningful goals
How does this fit into a financial plan?
The journey you go on through these exercises will be the most pivotal thing you will do for yourself and your finances.  It’s essential to deal with these foundations and have clarity on what you’re working towards – how can you succeed otherwise?!
By connecting to your purposes, defining your values and crafting your goals, I’m confident you will feel more connected to what ‘money’ can do for you and ready to tackle the practical side of managing your money to achieve them!
If you don’t know what you’re working towards, how can you succeed?

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