About Us

About Money Mode

Our mission is to empower and inspire Australians to achieve financial freedom, by delivering them the resources, knowledge, guidance and motivation that centres around financial well-being.

We are driven by wanting to make financial advice more accessible, understandable and most importantly, we want to genuinely help people and make a difference to their lives…regardless of their starting point!

Money Mode provides you access to a philosophy that allows you to get your financial life sorted, set direction and build a pathway to achieving your ideal lifestyle.

The Goal

My dream is to help everyday Australians understand money on an emotional level as well as practical level. I believe that if you can tie the two together, you will be empowered to live a fulfilling life, not bound by money worries or fears.

I certainly don’t think money is the most important thing in life, but I do see that it can be an enabler to the important things.

Making smart, informed decisions with your money, while considering the balance between today and the future will allow you a sense of empowerment and achievement for your lifestyle.

The Name

I wanted to be upfront about MONEY! Whether you like it or not, money is something we all deal with in our lives, we need it to put food on the table and have a roof over our heads.

Money – we all need it in different capacities to create the lives we want to live. The fact is we all deal in it and we all need it….so let’s just be upfront about it!

Mode – it a way of doing things, a manner in which to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’, it’s the way things are expressed, experienced and done.

Money Mode is all about facing up to the object we are dealing with, Money, and the ability to use a system to experience it in a way that is unique and important to YOU!


I have two themes that I talk a lot about through the Money Mode content and I want to flesh these out some more for you as they are foundational to the philosophy I share… just so we can be really clear when I talk about these terms, this is what they mean to me:

What is financial freedom?

It’s not a specific sum of money. It’s not achieving a certain status. It’s not yachts and fancy cars. It’s being financially organised and achieving a plan that you are in control of, where money is the enabler to you living a life of choices (choices that are important to you!!). It’s about being empowered and in control.

What is financial well-being?

It’s about aligning your money habits and decisions to your life purpose and your values. We usually think of mental, physical and spiritual health when the word well-being arises, but money is a very important part of your overall wellbeing too. It’s important to create awareness and understanding around certain behaviours that can impact and contribute to your overall well-being.