Retirement Planning

So, you’ve got money in superannuation that you’ve worked really damn hard to accumulate so you can fund or semi-fund your retirement years…then COVID-19 hit!

It’s hit your fund, like most other people’s, hard and you might be feeling really disappointed or anxious and wondering what to do now? Is there anything you can do while the share market is so uncertain?

You might have a heap of questions floating around, such as:

Can you still meet your retirement goals?
Should you cash in?
Will things recover?
You might be concerned that your retirement plans are impacted and that you’ve ‘lost’ money on the sharemarket.

Or you might just want peace of mind that you are doing all the right things now!

Reserve your spot in our upcoming webinar where I’ll take you through what you need to do to Future Proof your Retirement!

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I’m running this free webinar, because I’m passionate about the message I have to share and I want to help people be better informed about their options. There might just be a better way you weren’t aware of that could help the longevity of your hard earned money.

If you’d like to join me…sign up and choose your time.

Who is this for:

This session is most suited to anyone who:

  • is approaching retirement or in retirement
  • has a superannuation or investment portfolio that they rely on for income
  • wants to know what to do to come out the otherside of COVID -19 with as little damage as possible.

What happens next?

Once you sign up, I’ll send an email to you with a link to a Zoom webinar.

The email will have all the instructions on what you need to do – I promise it’s easy.   Access to a computer or tablet is probably the best way to watch the session.

(and don’t worry, you will be anonymous to all the other guests on the session, it’s just my screen that everyone sees)

What we’ll cover:

In this online session,
- I’ll take you through the impact COVID-19 is having on superannuation and investments in Australia
- I’ll go through a bit of background on why it makes sense to utilise superannuation as an investment vehicle
- I’ll cover the different investment options and strategies within superannuation – what works and doesn’t work in times like these and over the long-term
Plus, I’ll share a tried and tested investment strategy for retirees to future-proof their income and nest-egg and weather any storm as best as possible.

Got specific questions?
If you’ve got specific questions you’d like answered please feel free to send them ahead of time and I can try and cover them in the session. Time dependant, there will hopefully be time for Q & A in the session as well.

Renae (5 of 65)

About me

I’m Renae Vercoe, founder and adviser at Money Mode.

I’m a licensed Financial Adviser with over 15 years experience in the industry, having worked for small and large institutions. I founded Money Mode about 18 months ago, I have a young family and decided it was time to leave the ‘boys club’ and follow my passions, which is to genuinely help Australians get ahead.

During the Global Financial Crisis I was personally looking after over 100 pre-retirees and retirees – they weathered the storm and their retirement income was barely impacted.   It made me very proud and cemented my belief and passion for good financial planning and advice.   While I run my own business now, I’m supported by a much bigger company (not one owned by an institution, which is important to know!) and the philosophy I deliver today is the exact same one we were delivering 12 odd years ago, the last time a serious crisis hit.

You can jump on to my website or my Facebook/Instagram to find out more about me and my business.

You can access my Financial Services Guide and Adviser Profile here.

Or if you’d prefer, you can contact me on with any questions you have.

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