Introducing Savvy Mumma!


The Savvy Mumma journey has officially started!

If you’re a regular on my social channels or you are in the Savvy Mumma facebook community already, you will no doubt be aware that the podcast is out in the big bright world.  IT’S HERE!

I feel like I’ve been talking about it, dreaming and scheming it, for so long now and finally it’s the real deal, we are two episodes deep and it’s the eve of the third release!  Whilst I’m very excited about it, I do also realise I’m just a rookie at this podcasting business, so please bear with me as I ease my way into it and [the plan is to] get better with practice.

Where did it all start?

The idea of the Savvy Mumma came off the back of my own motherhood journey, chatting with my girlfriends and new found mum pals and realising there wasn’t a lot financial resources out there geared towards all the impending financial decisions and responsibilities that come with planning, starting and growing a family.

As with any major life event, our financial situation often comes to the fore and springs us into action to get involved with our money and parenthood is no exception. 

As one of the greatest responsibilities in life is thrust upon us, then so too is an enormous financial responsibility; financial security for our families, consideration to the future we want to give our children (and ourselves), not to mention navigating a change in financial circumstances and careers (often as one income is foregone or reduced for a period and/or costs of childcare and school fees are introduced).

The language of money:

Sure, if you look around, there’s load of financial information out there for us to consume, but not a lot that is in a language that I know my gal pals would engage with.  In fact, money is not a topic that we really talk about…but we do talk about all the things that money can allow us (or not allow us) to do.    And this was one of the first conversations I started seeing everywhere when I was on maternity leave, the need for many fellow mums to go back to work [because of financial reasons] and being conflicted about not having more time or flexibility to be at home for longer.   That’s when I realised the benefit of having worked in my career and having personally planned carefully for this event, I’d thought about the experience I wanted to have and was able to choose how much time I had off work.  I ended up going back sooner than planned, but it was by choice and not necessity.  That was incredibly empowering to be in control of that decision.

That was the moment it became clear to me that a meaningful conversation needed to be started to demystify money, to bring awareness to how it’s playing out in our lives and break down barriers to financial literacy.

I’m already thrilled with the response to the first two episodes and so pleased the topics have resonated so well.  This first series is all about a balance of tackling the big themes around the mindset and emotional side of money blended with practical and actionable tips and strategies that you can implement.


My aim is to come at money from interesting and engaging angles and bring a bit of ‘joy’ to the mundane, but all important, topic of money!  My mission is to empower mum’s with the financial know-how that puts them in the driver’s seat of their lives.


I’ve also created a Savvy Mumma facebook group as a safe place where fellow mums can take the conversation further.

Head to the Savvy Mumma page to follow the links to iTunes OR Spotify where you can subscribe and listen to the show.


Please feel free to get in touch.

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